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Education (Schools) Capital Programme 2021/22

Meeting: 28/09/2021 - County Council (Item 4)

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Councillor Jeff Morgan (Portfolio Holder for Children, Families and Education) moved the recommendation. He explained that a considerable amount of development has taken place to the south of Leamington Spa. This has resulted in the requirement for a new school.


Councillor Parminder Singh Birdi seconded the recommendation and reserved the right to speak.


Councillor John Holland suggested that the location for the proposed school is inappropriate. He noted that the major development referred to by Councillor Morgan falls within Warwick and not Leamington Spa. When it was evolving the draft Local Plan for Warwick District was opposed by Warwick members. Nevertheless, the development is now underway. Observing that the privately run Kings High School for Girls has relocated to new site Councillor Holland expressed his doubts that the new school being proposed would be of a similar high standard. Councillor Holland stated that there were no references in the report to meeting special needs. In addition, the proposed location of the school on the edge of the development is inappropriate. It should, he suggested, be in the middle of the development as this would make it more readily accessible. The location will also mean a reduction in the amount of land available for the public park. It was also noted that the proposal is that parents and carers taking their children to school will be able to park on the school site. This will not serve to reduce car journeys.


Councillor Barbara Brown expressed her concern that the need for new schools is not being met outside of Warwick. For example, there is a shortage of school places in Rugby.


Councillor Rob Tromans welcomed that the County Council is working to provide a new school. He noted that the report does make reference to special education needs. A similar report and scheme for Nuneaton would, he suggested, be welcome.


Councillor Peter Butlin informed Council that it was Warwick District Council that had identified the site for the school. Recognising that the County Council has a statutory responsibility to provide adequate school places Councillor Butlin expressed concern over the increased costs of the project caused by competing projects such as HS2 and the need to level the site. Sufficient money has been set aside but Councillor Butlin advised that costs may increase further.


Councillor Jerry Roodhouse welcomed the funding that is being made available for new schools adding that the HS2 project is being blamed for many instances of additional costs. Concerning special education, as referenced on page 35, he looked forward to seeing the action plan around its delivery.


Councillor Judy Falp agreed with Councillor Holland’s comments regarding the location of the school. Nevertheless, that a new school is to be built was welcomed.


Councillor Justin Kerridge reminded Council that it is the district and borough councils that are the local planning authorities. He suggested that the County Council and the district and borough councils do not always work as closely to together as they might and whilst the County  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4

Meeting: 09/09/2021 - Cabinet (Item 5)

5 Education (Schools) Capital Programme 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 319 KB

A report recommending additions to the Education Capital Programme.


Cabinet Portfolio Holder – Councillor Jeff Morgan

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Councillor Jeff Morgan opened this item explaining the need for a new all-through school to the south of Leamington Spa. A shortage of places caused by extensive house building in the area is forecast. The County Council has secured a site for the school at no cost, but the construction of the school will require the provision of funding by the Council. The site is not perfect. It has a pronounced slope and will require regrading. This will add to the overall cost.


A request has been made for an uplift to allow some community use of the facilities on the site. However, this would require additional funding. The principal objective is to get the school constructed and operational on time.


Councillor Peter Butlin observed that with the difficulties presented by the site and complications in securing materials caused by HS2 there is a need to expedite the project. The school can be constructed using available funding but there will be a need to be mindful of potential future challenges concerning costs.


Councillor John Holland (Leader of the Labour Group) observed that the developments being referenced are in Warwick and not Leamington. He reminded Cabinet of the objections that had been raised in the past to the scale and location of the developments, observing that  these had been ruled out by the Planning Inspector. He felt that a better outcome could have been secured particularly around the transporting of pupils.




That Cabinet:


1)       Recommends to Council that £49.5 million be added to the capital programme to deliver the new all-through provision in South Leamington/ Warwick (Oakley Grove).


2)       Authorises, subject to Council approving the necessary addition to the Capital Programme, the Strategic Director for Communities, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Children, Families and Education, to invite tenders and enter into contracts that he considers necessary on terms and conditions acceptable to the Strategic Director for Resources.