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Appointments to External Organisations

Meeting: 05/10/2021 - Regulatory Committee (Item 3)

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Paul Williams, Delivery Lead - Governance Services presented the report to the Committee confirming that appointments were made every four years, following county council elections.  The process involves working with group leaders to identify elected members who will represent Warwickshire County Council on external bodies.


The Committee noted that at the Annual Council Meeting in May 2021, some appointments were made to larger external bodies but that the report presented today was for smaller, more local organisations.


Paul Williams confirmed that total political proportionality is not always possible; it is more important that the right person is selected.


Following a question from Councillor Judy Falp, it was confirmed that there is currently no requirement for elected members to report back to the Council on their role on an outside body.  It was agreed that this is something that could be investigated moving forward.  It was noted that officers are working on improvements to the system of managing outside bodies, including the use of  the Modern.Gov to track and manage membership.


Following a question from Councillor Chris Kettle, Ian Marriott, Delivery Lead – Commercial and Regulatory confirmed that a councillor’s duty is to the organisation attended rather than the council (district/borough or county) that they represent.  For twin-hatters, it is unlikely that there would be any conflict between two councils but they would be considered on a case-by-case basis.


The recommendation was proposed by Councillor Judy Falp and was seconded by Councillor Justin Kerridge. A vote was held, and the Committee voted unanimously in favour of the recommendation.




That the Regulatory Committee agree the allocation of places on external organisations and the proposed appointments as set out in the appendix to the report.


In addition, the Regulatory Committee agree the supplementary resolution to agree the appointment of Councillor Jill Simpson-Vince to the Rugby Community Safety Partnership if required.