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Investments update

Meeting: 02/02/2022 - Warwickshire Local Pension Board (Item 7)

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Victoria Moffett, Pensions and Investment Manager, informed the Board that the funding level at the end of September had increased to 106 per cent as a result of investment values increasing, particularly in relation to equities and property gains. This had taken the fund to its highest value to date, which was £2.7billion. However the value of investment contributions was less than the value of the benefits paid out for the second successive quarter, meaning there was a slight negative cashflow situation. The cashflow modelling was being looked at to assess this. Victoria Moffett advised that the negative figures referenced in the appendix related to new private market investments that were going through the J-curve of investing in these asset classes. The transfer to the multi asset credit fund had successfully gone through in November. Members were informed that cash balances made up 2.8 per cent of the Fund and overall the Fund was in a good position.


Victoria Moffett said the annual report and accounts had been published ahead of the required deadline but needed an update as the sign-off from Council had taken place after the deadline date. The external audit had showed there were no material issues. Victoria Moffett said attendance at the AGM in November had been low. It was unclear if this was a one-off, and whether there may be more participation this year as it will be a valuation year, but suggestions on how to improve engagement were welcomed.


Members were told the chief investment officer and head of real estate at Border to Coast had both resigned, which was concerning as property funds had not yet been released. Work was taking place to ensure the funds were launched and a replacement found for the chief investment officer.


The draft version of the Stewardship Code was ready to be reviewed, with a submission deadline for comments of April 30. Once this was done the next major piece of legislation to come forward would be the Taskforce on Climate -related Financial Disclosures, although it was anticipated the regulations required for that would not take effect until 2023.


Members were told that Martin Griffiths would be taking over from Neil Buxton at the end of March. Martin Griffiths introduced himself to Members and said he was looking forward to joining the Warwickshire Fund.


Responding to a question from Keith Francis, Victoria Moffett confirmed that the figure of 106 per cent was based on a set of assumptions from the 2019 valuation, it had come from actuaries. She said she would be happy to answer outside of the meeting any additional questions Members may have.