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Warwickshire Fire Rescue Local Pension Board, Policy Update

Meeting: 14/02/2022 - Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Local Pension Board of the Firefighters' Pension Scheme (Item 6)

6 Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Local Pension Board, Policy Update pdf icon PDF 104 KB


Neil Buxton presented this report to the Board, which set out the policies reviewed either as part of an annual review, or where there had been minor amendments required. Specific sections were provided on the cyber security policy, breaches policy and terms of reference & conflicts of interest policy.


Neil Buxton focussed on the cyber security aspects. There was a reliance on the County Council’s ICT infrastructure. A number of meetings had taken place with ICT colleagues and given the importance of having robust cyber security arrangements, a range of tests of systems were proposed. The Pension Regulator placed a lot of importance on cyber security. It was also important to become conversant with the WYPF practices and policies and how these would interrelate to those in Warwickshire.


The Board noted the content of the report.