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Diversion of Public Footpath RB5 in Rugby

Meeting: 05/04/2022 - Regulatory Committee (Item 4)

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Sonu Copson (RoW Definitive Mapping Officer) presented the application and made the following points:

·       This application concerns a the proposed footpath change in Rugby to be made under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Section 257

·       On the 18th March 2021 the County Council granted planning permission for the restoration of Parkfield Road quarry through the importation/deposit of inert restoration material by rail

·       In addition to the requirement to submit details in order to discharge a number of pre-commencement planning conditions, the applicant was required to make an application to the County Council to divert the RB5/1 footpath

·       The applicant (Cemex) requested the diversion to allow them to carry out the operations permitted by the planning permission, which are limited by condition to 25 years from the commencement of development

·       As the diversion to the footpath is so minor Cemex applied for the diversion to be permanent

·       The proposed footpath would curve southwards before continuing generally north-east to join the public footpath

·       The diverted route would have a three-metre width fence and the path itself would be two metres wide. All the work would be funded by the applicants

·       The nearby Traffic Regulation Order will end when the quarry has been filled in and the path has been restored. When the quarry is filled in, work to restore the wildlife would be done

·       There were no objections from the consultees.



In response to Councillor Simpson-Vince, Matthew Williams (Senior Planner) confirmed that this was so Cemex could unload the trains. 



Councillor Sarah Feeney proposed the recommendations as stated, this was seconded by Councillor Adrian Warwick.


The committee unanimously voted in favour of the recommendations. 



    1.            That a Diversion Order is made to divert Public Footpath RB30 under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, Section 257.

    2.            That the Committee authorises the Strategic Director for Communities or nominee (with any minor modifications considered appropriate) to:

·     Confirm the Order in the event that no representations or objections are duly made or if any so made are withdrawn; or Following consultation with the Chair of the Committee, submit the Order to the Secretary of State for confirmation in the event that any representations or objections are duly made and not withdrawn.