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Draft Business Continuity Policy

Meeting: 26/04/2022 - Warwickshire Local Pension Board (Item 11)

11 Draft Business Continuity Policy pdf icon PDF 345 KB


Vicky Jenks introduced the item, explaining this represented the first draft of the business continuity plan. She said it had been demonstrated throughout the Covid pandemic that the Fund was able to cope through working through an unforeseen event; however it was important for this policy to be formally set out. It was hoped that the final draft of the policy would be available for members to view at the next meeting. Liz Firmstone advised that the local authorities for Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull had a joint resilience team that enabled each authority to provide support to another. An incident would be reported to the resilience team regardless of the severity of its impact so events could be looked at as a whole. Serious incidents would be referred to the critical services plan.


Alan Kidner noted that some of the numbering in the report did not follow a consistent pattern, and it was agreed this would be amended for the final report.


Members noted the contents of the draft policy, stating they were impressed with what they had seen.


At this point Keith Bray had to leave the meeting. Jeff Carruthers took over the role of Chair.