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Year End Performance Progress Report

Meeting: 11/10/2022 - Resources and Fire & Rescue Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 5)

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Steve Smith introduced the item and explained it was being considered under the previous performance framework matrix and a different Council Plan. Of the 17 key business measures relevant to the Committee ten were on track and seven were not. Members’ attention to the breakdown of performance under the different indicators and their trajectory.


The Chair said it was important to keep monitoring the capital budget, particularly in relation to increased rates of inflation. He said there was pressure to maintain the budget to avoid slippage, as there was the potential for the Council to be exposed to greater risks associated with inflation. Steve Smith said contingency based on the best available cost estimates was being built into the plan as part of the capital monitoring framework, as the situation was changing rapidly.


Councillor Boad noted the table on page 44 of the agenda regarding response times to incidents. She said risk-based targets were now in place, and stated her belief that these were much more sensible and meaningful compared to a simple time-based approach. Councillor Boad noted the report commentary regarding Covid and its impact on performance.


Steve Smith said more details about the performance of each measure, and what was required to get them on track, was available to view in Power BI. This was in response to Councillor Matecki noting there was a significant number of performance measures that were not on track to be met.


Regarding response times Councillor Andy Crump said a lot of risk analysis work had taken place to develop the Prevention Strategy to make premises and properties safer. A fire crew could attend an incident within ten minutes, which would be within the target response time, but it could already be too late for the crew to help. Councillor Crump said the Prevention Strategy was being kept under constant review to ensure the correct level of resources were in the right place. Councillor Pete Gilbert said it was also important not to lose any more services.


Councillor Martin Watson said some performance indicators were not on target against what had been anticipated at the start of the year. For example the indicator relating to the Recovery Investment Fund was not on track because less money than had been expected at the start of the year had been loaned out.


Members noted the contents of the report.