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Q3 Integrated Performance Report

Meeting: 22/02/2023 - Resources and Fire & Rescue Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 6)

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The report was introduced by Ben Brook (Chief Fire Officer) who provided an overview in relation to Quarter 3 organisational performance.  It was noted that the information has been taken from the performance report presented to Cabinet on 16th February and which is relevant to this committee. 


The committee noted that there are still significant challenges in relation to the performance relevant to the committee.


The following highlights were presented to the committee -


There are 31 Key business measures and 25 available for reporting.  Of the 31 measures, 14 are on track, 11 not on track (shown in Appendix one).


In relation to the Integrated Development Plan; 67% of measures are on track and 4% are complete.  It was noted that 7% of the measures are yet to start


Councillor Sue Markham asked a question in relation to the performance data that was marked in the report as  “not applicable”?  Steve Smith, Assistant Director - Commissioning Support Unit confirmed that there is no target for the year yet but that they are in the process of being set.


Councillor Martin Watson asked for clarity on the figures that are showing as not on track; it seems that some of them will never be on track. It was confirmed that performance measures such as fire related deaths is something that officers are reviewing at the moment.  Officers agreed that targets such as those for fire deaths don’t make sense as it is.  The Chair added that this topic has come up before and really does need to be reviewed.


Rob Powell continued by adding that there are small number of measures in the new performance framework that do need to be reviewed, they don’t quite fit/make sense as they are.  There is a new process that can be presented to members as a better way of measuring progress.


Councillor Tromans added that the report shows 31 key business measures but that there is only data for 29 there is only data for 29.  While it is understood that some are reported annually or every six months but the committee should have a complete list in report.


Councillor Boad added that the report doesn’t show  if things are getting better or worse and that there is no comparison in the report.  Rob Powell confirmed that it is a work in progress but the Power BI tools will allow members to look back and make comparisons.  It is hard to add it to a flat report.  Members were encouraged to make use of the Power BI system. 


Councillor Andy Crump, Portfolio Holder for Fire & Rescue and Community Safety confirmed that the Key Performance measures are currently being reviewed to see if they are fit for purpose and the fire death measures currently do not seem fit for purpose.  These measures could be presented with a clear narrative given to the committee as to what happened and why.




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