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Q3 Integrated Performance Report

Meeting: 12/04/2023 - Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 7)

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Mark Ryder highlighted that:

  • More people with educational needs were engaging with the employment support team
  • More secondary schools were engaging with the violence prevention programme
  • More incidents of domestic abuse were being reported last year


In response to the Chair, Mark Ryder said that the schemes listed in the report were complex infrastructure ones. Programme boards covered all the transport infrastructure projects and monitored their progress.

David Ayton-Hill (Assistant Director – Communities) added that there is a risk of schemes going off course because of inflation. This has led to schemes being reprioritised. 


Following a question from Councillor Fradgley, David Ayton-Hill said that Birmingham Road in Stratford was labelled at risk because it had not started yet, instead of financial constraints. WCC could fund the first two stages but needed to check whether they could still fund the final stage.

The Chair concurred with this and requested that a report be added onto the work programme to investigate these project delays and how they will be addressed. Councillor Fradgley noted it would be good if members knew what was causing the delays.