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Q4 Integrated Performance Report

Meeting: 28/06/2023 - Adult Social Care and Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 5)

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The Committee is asked to consider and comment upon the tailored performance report for the period April 2022 - March 2023.


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Dr Shade Agboola, Director of Public Health introduced this item and gave a presentation to pull out the key messages. The report provided a retrospective summary of the Council’s performance at the year-end against the strategic priorities and areas of focus set out in the Council Plan 2022-2027. This report drew out relevant areas within the Committee’s remit from that presented to Cabinet on 15 June. Sections of the report together with detailed supporting appendices focussed on:


·   Performance against the Performance Management Framework

·   Progress against the Integrated Delivery Plan

·   Management of Finance

·   Management of Risk


The report provided a combined picture of the Council’s delivery, performance and risk. Overall, for the Council’s performance at year-end, there had been a consistently strong performance delivered. There were ten key business measures (KBMs) within the remit of the committee. A table set out the quarterly performance data, with seven of the KBMs assessed as being on track and three were not on track.


The report detailed key emerging themes. These included the impact of capacity and workload issues on service delivery and difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff in a highly constrained national and local labour market. Whilst there were some improvements at the year-end, there remained issues within specific service teams. The report included notable aspects of positive performance and the performance challenges experienced.


The report set out services’ projected performance trajectory. This was positive, in terms of delivery of the 30 Adult Social Care actions set out in the Integrated Delivery Plan, with 80% being on track and 20% completed.


One of the Council’s strategic risks related to Adult Social Care and Health directly and currently had a ‘red’ status. Two other red-rated strategic risks related to inflation and the cost of living, and the economy might impact on service provision and service demand. At the service level, two risks were rated ‘red’, being the risk of care market failure and the risk of an ongoing impact on Public Health resources of responding to Covid-19.


The presentation included slides on:

·   Council Plan 2022-2027: Strategic Context and Performance Commentary

·   Performance relating to this Committee

·   Area of focus: Support people to live healthy, happy, and independent lives and work with partners to reduce health inequalities 

·   Projection

·   Integrated Delivery Plan

·   Financial performance

·   Management of risk


Questions and comments were invited with responses provided as indicated:


  • Clarification was provided on the business measures within the remit of the committee and each quarterly report included those where data was available.
  • More information was sought about the percentage of people aged over 65, eligible to access adult social care services, who were supported in the community. Figures for this indicator were below the target level. Pete Sidgwick advised that the target was 60% and the level achieved was 59%. This was about the proportion of people going into a care establishment rather than being supported in their own home. The impact of the Covid pandemic was one contributor. The majority of admissions to care homes  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5