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Annual Report of Health and Wellbeing Board Strategy

Meeting: 24/05/2023 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 2)

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To consider a report outlining the progress made throughout 2022/23 to address each of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy priorities.

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The Board received the annual report which highlighted the progress that had been made on the three Health and Wellbeing Strategies detailed at paragraph 1.1.


The report was introduced by Nigel Minns, Strategic Director for People, who provided some background as well as an overview of the strategy.

advised that overview of strategy. He explained that some elements were delivered in different ways and by different actions.


The presentation described the journey to date including the changes encountered since the move from CCG’s to ICB’s.  The HWBB Strategy priorities were revisited, with the three priorities remaining a key focus and headline progress.  Nigel went on to provide information on:


·       Children & Young People – the brand of Child Friendly continued to grow and the creation of the Children and Young People Partnership group;

·       Mental Health and Wellbeing – the continued offer from Wellbeing Warwickshire, website information, new Suicide Prevention Strategy, Serious Violence Prevention Strategy, Workplace Wellbeing Forum and the support offered to businesses to support the mental health of their staff;

·       Reducing Inequalities – the introduction of the Health Equity Assessment Tool (HEAT) and work being undertaken to tackle family poverty;

·       Progress on the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment – six undertaken so far and future work planned;

·       Looking forward into 2023/24 – developments around HWBB, the relationship with Place Partnerships and action plans, the Better Care Fund priorities;

·       Community Recovery Service – development plan for managing hospital discharge with an approach to transition from acute hospital care to becoming more independent at home.


Nigel Minns explained the drive to try to harmonise services across the piece and gave an overview of the ‘Wellbeing for Life’ initiative.  He advised that events were planned across Coventry and Warwickshire and he listed the different partners involved.


Dame Manzie welcomed the update on the community discharge process which she felt was a good initiative and would have benefits for Warwickshire.  With regard to ‘Wellbeing for Life’, she highlighted the importance of promoting health and fitness for girls and women, continuing sport and activity and the national commitment to promote parity of equality in sport.


The Chair reiterated the three priorities and asked Members to support.  It was therefore




That the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB):


1)    Notes the progress outlined in the 2022/23 Health and Wellbeing Strategy Annual Review; and

2)    Approves the suggestion that HWBB maintains focus on the three short term priorities of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.