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Quarter 3 Integrated Performance Report

Meeting: 14/02/2024 - Adult Social Care and Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 8)

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For the Committee to consider and comment on the Quarter 3 Integrated Performance Report (period covering April - December 2023).

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The Committee received the Integrated Performance Report, which gave a retrospective summary of the Council’s performance at the end of Quarter 3 (April - December 2023) against the strategic priorities and areas of focus set out in the Council Plan 2022-2027. Key sections of the report focussed on: 

·   Performance against the Performance Management Framework

·   Progress on the Integrated Delivery Plan

·   Management of Finance

·   Management of Risk


The following questions and comments were submitted by members.


  • There was an overspend on the budget for social care services, which was responsible for the performance indicator showing that 95% of the target had not been met. This service was demand led and demand was much higher than expected, especially for older people services. The data would be checked for accuracy. Context was provided on the reprofiling of the budget for the 2024/25 financial year and the additional allocation of £26m for this service area. The member was mindful of the previous item and concerned at the ongoing cost pressures. Pete Sidgwick spoke further about the trajectory of demand based on evidence, forecasting and the small proportion of the population in receipt of social care services. There was hope that the new strategy would assist, supporting people to be independent and to manage the trajectory of need differently. He touched on dementia which was increasing. Pete Sidgwick then spoke of the Medium-Term Financial Strategy and the projection that the percentage overspend at the end of the next financial year would be less than that for this year.
  • The Chair added that the key aim was to achieve better health for longer and she reflected on the healthy life expectations of previous generations.
  • On carers’ assessments a member asked what else could be done to ensure these assessments were completed. It may be beneficial for some carers to complete the assessment process a few months after starting their care role or to offer a review. Pete Sidgwick assured there was no waiting list for those wanting a carer’s assessment. This was being publicised to stimulate more demand and performance in this area had improved. The member added that some people were not aware that they could have an assessment. Pete offered to send a link to the dedicated page for support to carers. The Chair suggested use of social media platforms too. In response to a related question, it was confirmed the assessments were undertaken by the Carer’s Trust.
  • Information was provided about the performance portal Power BI. This enabled members to view frequently updated performance information and the narrative on any improvement activity. The Chair explained the further mechanisms in place to enable members to scrutinise performance data in detail.


The Committee noted the Quarter 3 Integrated Performance Report.