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SEND Delivering Better Value Programme

Meeting: 09/05/2024 - Cabinet (Item 4)

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A paper seeking endorsement of the four projects proposed in the SEND Delivering Better Value Programme.


Cabinet Portfolio Holder – Councillor Kam Kaur

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Councillor Kam Kaur explained that Warwickshire was one of 55 local authorities that had taken part in the Delivering Better Value (DBV) Programme, commissioned by the Department for Education, which aimed to improve outcomes for children and young people with SEND and to optimise the use of finances. The programme was for local authorities with an overspend on their High Needs Block and the Council had been allocated £1m funding, to be spent in 20024/25 to deliver the programme.  Four specific projects were identified through the DBV Programme which were detailed in the report and Cabinet endorsement was sought.  Additionally, Councillor Kaur explained that the introduction of the DBV programme, together with a changed financial situation, had altered the landscape since a previous consultation in relation to SEND had taken place in 2023 and approval was sought for the projects and approaches set out in this report to supersede the proposals which had emerged from the previous consultation.


Councillor Gifford raised questions regarding how the Council ensured best value in relation to independent provision and particularly queried the use of unqualified staff in those settings. In response, Councillor Seccombe explained the inspection regime that existed for independent schools and the role of parental choice in school placement particularly in relation to Education Health and Care Plans.   She expressed views regarding the benefits of placing children in schools in their own communities.


Councillor Sarah Feeney made comments regarding funding for the establishment of more SEND resourced provisions outlined in paragraph 1.5.1, managed transfers into secondary resourced provision, and the design of a workforce development programme.


Councillor Peter Butlin explained that due to increasing need for SEND provision, there was an accumulative deficit in the budget in relation to SEND and that it was important to bring spending in line with the provisions made.  He drew attention to the provision that had already been supported in the previous two reports on the agenda which would go some way towards bringing the overspend under control and which also linked to the wellbeing of children by reducing travel times at the start and end of the school day.


Councillor Kaur responded to questions raised regarding managed transfers by explaining the presence of officers in schools and the role of the Fair Access Protocol.




That Cabinet:


1.     Endorses the four projects proposed in the SEND Delivering Better Value Programme;


2.     Agrees that the projects and approaches arising from the Delivering Better Value Programme work and set out within the report, should supersede proposals put forward in December 2022 on the local SEND Offer.