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Director of Public Health Annual Report 2023

Meeting: 10/01/2024 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 2)

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To consider and endorse the 2023 Annual Report of the Director of Public Health and the recommendations within it. 

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Shade Agboola, Director of Public Health, introduced the report and provided a presentation focusing on the health impacts of domestic abuse.


This was the third annual report in Warwickshire since Shade had taken up the role and she thanked everyone involved for their input which included a range of partners across the system.


Whilst the Council was required to produce a report each year, the theme to focus on could be chosen and, having asked widely, it had been agreed that this years theme would focus on Domestic Abuse.  This built on previous Council publications such as the Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) strategy (2023-2026).  Shade explained that the report told a fictional story of a character named Mia and her experience of domestic violence.  The story was told through the words of those surrounding her and the services involved and was reflective of real-life domestic abuse experiences.


The report included data on the local picture of domestic abuse within Warwickshire and provided a range of recommendations for 2023.  Following feedback on previous reports, an update on progress of the 2022 recommendations was also included.


Diane Whitfield referred to the figure advising that only 8.3% of domestic abuse recorded crimes resulted in a positive outcome and asked if there was any further information on why some recorded crimes did not progress.  In response, Chief Constable Tedds explained that there were a number of reasons why a victim may not seek to continue with an investigation and assured that the Police were very mindful to listen to the voice of the victim.  She advised that they worked closely with the CPS and agreed to report back to the Board via a briefing note.


Councillor Holland queried the reference to resources in the recommendations, specifically in relation to primary school meals, as he had hoped that this issue could have been acted on more quickly from last year, despite the timings in relation to budget setting.  Councillor Bell reminded Councillor Holland of the progress made with regards to Free School Meals and referred him to the section of the report outlining the actions taken since last year.


Shade Agboola supported the comments from the Chair and advised that a review had taken place, a working group established and officers were currently scoping a pilot scheme in a north Warwickshire school.  However, she noted the lack of synergy between some recommendations and budget setting.


Councillor Roodhouse raised the correlation between alcohol consumption and coercive behaviour, querying if any work had been carried out focusing on this.  He also asked about the availability of safe spaces, such as churches or libraries, how the Council was working in partnership with organisations to advertise these and how he hoped to see more work in this area.


Shade confirmed that there was a clear correlation between alcohol and domestic violence and whilst she was not sure of the percentage of admissions, further exploration work was being carried out as part of the VAWG strategy.  In relation  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2