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Internal Audit Plan 2024/25

Meeting: 14/03/2024 - Audit and Standards Committee (Item 7)

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Paul Clarke, Internal Audit Manager, introduced the report which outlined the proposed Internal Audit Strategy and Plan for the Council for 2024-25 and was attached at Appendix A to the report.


Paul Clarke provided an overview of the report which included a combination of audit work planned in 2024/25 as well as what was happening nationally with emerging risks.  Officers had also taken account of the Council’s risk register, as well as the results of previous audit work alongside other external work by Ofsted, HMI FRS and the Care Quality Commission.  The plan had been worked on collaboratively with managers, using a significant consultation exercise across the Council, both operationally and corporately.


Paul Clarke referred to Appendix 2 which outlined the proposed range of audits to be undertaken across various risks and services, whilst linking to strategic Council priorities.


Following a question from the Chair, Paul Clarke gave assurance that his team met with managers throughout the year and were able to manage any potential changes to the plan as appropriate.  It was expected that the list of audits proposed would be completed as a package and resources could be redeployed if the need arose.  Paul explained that, if necessary, vacancies or sickness could be managed with external support to ensure the work was completed.


Within the list of planned audits for 2024-25, the topic of Fire Service culture was noted and the Chair asked for clarification on the standard that would be applied.  Officers referred to the national reviews undertaken, alongside local reviews, by senior experts, external to the Council.  Rob Powell clarified the context of the concerning nature of the national issues reported on in the media, compared to the review commissioned in Warwickshire.  He assured that the type of issues reported on nationally had not been found to be occurring in Warwickshire.  The Internal Audit team would be looking at how the action plan for ongoing improvements was being implemented.


Councillor Feeney raised a question regarding the Strategic Infrastructure and Climate Change audit planned.  Officers advised that the audit would look at the plans put in place by the Council to tackle climate change and the progress being made.  Further discussions followed relating to climate change and the strategy published by the Council, with officers agreeing to circulate the link to the Sustainable Futures Strategy for information.


The Chair thanked Paul Clarke and his team for a good report, citing Internal Audit as the Council’s ‘first line of defence’.  He welcomed the plan and looked forward to seeing the audits progress over the next year.




That the Internal Audit Strategy and Plan for 2024-25 is endorsed as per Appendix A to the report.