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Microsoft Enterprise License Renewal

Meeting: 11/04/2024 - Cabinet (Item 5)

5 Approval to proceed with Procurement - Renewal of Microsoft 365 licences and support pdf icon PDF 85 KB

A report requesting approval to secure Microsoft 365 licences and support renewal for the next three years.


Cabinet Portfolio Holder – Councillor Yousef Dahmash

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Councillor Dahmash introduced the report which requested approval to use the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) contract to secure Microsoft 365 licences and support for the next three years. 


Councillor Dahmash advised that as originally stated in the report, the price per licence had increased and therefore, this had resulted in an increase from the approved budget for 2024/25.  This was due to a combination of licence cost increases and additional licences for increased headcount. 


However, Members noted an adjustment to the costs likely to be incurred since the report was published.  Councillor Dahmash advised that due to ongoing negotiations, the Council were able to access licences at pricing previously in force.  This meant a reduction in the value of licences, reducing the overspend in 2024/25, although this would still be funded as originally provided for in the report.  Confirmation of the figures was still awaited and would be circulated in due course.


Following a question from the Leader, Councillor Dahmash confirmed that education academies paid for their own licences.


Councillor Dahmash outlined the three recommendations as proposed.




That Cabinet


1)    Approves the use of the CCS (Crown Commercial Services) contract to secure its Microsoft 365 licences and support for the next three years from 1 June 2024;

2)    Authorises the Executive Director for Resources to enter into all necessary agreements under the CCS contract to implement this decision, on terms and conditions acceptable to him; and

3)    Approves the use of the Financial Management Reserve to meet the potential overspend in 2024/25, if offsetting reductions in in-year spending are not forthcoming, and a request for on-going funding is brought forward as part of the 2025/26 Medium-Term Financial Strategy refresh.