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Better Together Programme Update

Meeting: 15/09/2020 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 12)

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– Progress update against performance – Rachel Briden

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Becky Hale presented an update on the Better Together Programme. It had been expected that the Better Care Fund (BCF) Policy Framework would be published at the end of August or early September but it was still awaited.


The report set out the expectations that the guidance would be consistent in the main with previous years. A likely change concerned replacement of the delayed transfers of care target, which had been suspended during COVID-19. Whilst the policy framework was still awaited, the schemes and priorities to be delivered this year, had already been agreed locally through the Better Together Programme and had continued to be commissioned and delivered, where possible to do so.


The detail of the report contained sections on:

  • Schemes directly supporting the local COVID-19 response
  • Performance update
  • Financial implications
  • Supporting information


Questions and comments were invited, with responses provided as indicated:


  • The Chair spoke of the system approach to transfers of care.
  • Russell Hardy referred to funding, asking about the degree of risk if the guidance was further delayed especially in the areas of domiciliary care and care homes. Officers didn’t anticipate anything which would require current work to cease. The resource to deliver the programme was fundamental, and by now the guidance would usually have been received. It was considered currently that the programmes would be able to continue and that there would be appropriate resourcing. There were wider issues around financial support for the care sector which remained a focus.




That the Health and Wellbeing Board:


  1. Notes the update on the Better Care Fund Policy Framework and Guidance for 2020/21.


  1. Notes the Better Together Programme schemes that are directly contributing to the local response to the national COVID-19 hospital discharge requirements.


Notes the progress of the Better Together Programme in 2020/21 to improve performance against the four national Better Care Fund areas of focus.