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Fire Cars

Meeting: 14/09/2020 - Staff and Pensions Committee (Item 4)

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Paul Morley, Area Commander, presented the report which noted that the Committee had approved the provision of vehicles for Station Managers and Group Managers in 2018 and, following structural changes, the report sought to formalise vehicle provision for Brigade Manager and Area Manager roles.   The proposal involved the provision of a Skoda 4x4 vehicle for those most senior fire officers who, in addition to their day job, could be required to attend an operational incident, particularly those classed as serious or significant incidents, and be required to take ‘command’ of the situation. This could be during the day from work, or from home at night and weekends.  If officers responded in their own vehicles, the Fire and Rescue Service had little control over the type, age, condition or appropriateness of the vehicle which raised several concerns.   Mr Morley pointed out that the use of the vehicles was for operational response and daily worktime activity which amounted to non-personal use however there were some tax exemptions in place which allowed a low level of personal use without being subject to taxation.  The proposal before the Committee would result in slightly higher costs than the previous position but it was confirmed that this could be covered within the WFRS transport budget. The legislative and financial details were set out in full in the report.


In response to a question seeking clarity that officers were protected against malicious claims about personal use, Mr Morley noted that the existing scheme had been running for over two years without issue.  Awareness among officers of what vehicles could be used for was high and monthly activity was managed through sample auditing so that it was clear if the vehicles – which were fitted with tacking devices – were being used when not on duty. 

In response to questions about mileage expectations, it was confirmed that because some Officers lived around the county borders, 9,0000 miles per annum was a reasonable figure.


That the Staff and Pensions Committee confirms the existing arrangements for vehicle provision and approves the additional provision of vehicles to include all Brigade Managers and Area Managers responding to operational incidents and for daily worktime activity, on terms and conditions acceptable to the Strategic  Director for Resources