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Pension Fund Covid-19 Update

Meeting: 14/09/2020 - Staff and Pensions Committee (Item 5)

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Chris Norton, Strategy and Commissioning Manager (Treasury, Pension, Audit & Risk) advised the Committee that Covid-19 continued to affect how the Fund delivered services but that the fund continued to deliver business critical functions. This report focussed on the impact on administration activity whilst a separate report focussing on the funding and investments impact had been reported to the Pension Fund Investments Sub Committee earlier on 14 September 2020.


The Covid Risk Register had been updated to reflect the latest position in relation to both investment and administration and was set out in a table at section 2.1 of the report.  This showed that several risk scores had dropped as previous uncertainties had now been informed by intelligence and experience as the lockdown progressed.  There were two risk registers – one general and the other Covid specific which had been helpful whilst the lockdown was new but the team would take stock as to whether to revert to a single register for quarter 3.


Members were encouraged by the level of risk reducing but felt that it was helpful to maintain two registers until there was more certainty in the pandemic situation.




That the Staff and Pensions Committee notes and comments on the report.