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Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Meeting: 15/09/2020 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 2)

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Report for approval – Gemma McKinnon

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The Health and Wellbeing Board had a statutory duty to develop a Health and Wellbeing Strategy (HWBS). This would translate findings from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) into priorities to help determine actions by local authorities, NHS and other partners to address the wider determinants that impacted on health and wellbeing.


The Board had agreed to refresh the HWBS to align with developments in the wider system including the Coventry and Warwickshire Health and Care Partnership, Five-Year Health and Care Plan, and the Coventry HWBS for 2019-23.


An update was provided on work to refresh the HWBS and the proposed approach to consultation. It was noted that timescales for the consultation had been delayed due to Covid-19. There were some new findings to be included, such as on the Covid-19 recovery plan and current survey work. It was proposed to undertake consultation on the strategy for a five-week period between November 2020 and January 2021. An outline was given of the engagement plans using both paper and digital forms as well as presentations for partners and a targeted approach for key groups. Board members were encouraged to publicise the consultation.


Questions and comments were invited, with responses provided as indicated:


  • Russell Hardy spoke about the learning from the Covid pandemic, the challenges identified for care homes and vulnerable people.  Through working together and delivering services away from hospital settings better outcomes were being achieved, whilst also reducing costs for the system. This should be emphasised more in the strategy. 
  • The Chair asked for organisations to provide their recovery plans to Gemma McKinnon, so these could be incorporated. He suggested circulating the updated strategy to the Board members for initial consideration and thereafter to commence the consultation, including with the place partnerships. There was a need to consider the sign-off arrangements, especially if the timetable slipped and he suggested using a virtual sign-off if necessary.
  • Nigel Minns referred to the health and care partnership reset group and a group involving all local authorities. Both were looking at collective responses to recovery and reset and would be useful sources to inform the strategy. He endorsed the points from Russell Hardy about ensuring commitments in the Concordat were reflected in the HWBS so that services looked at residents/patient needs and  there should be a renewed focus for all commissioners and service providers on integration.
  • Councillor Humphreys was supportive, also asking about endeavours to avoid the need for hospital admission where possible. 


That the Board notes the update on the refresh of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy and endorses the proposed approach to consultation, noting the likely delay to the process due to Covid-19.