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Mid Year Performance Progress Report

Meeting: 18/11/2020 - Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 5)

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Mark Ryder introduced the report stating it covers April to September 2020 and contains financial and performance elements which were both affected by Covid-19. Recycling had increased but waste overall reduced along with KSI’s (killed or seriously injured) and vehicles on the road. The economy was negatively affected too, and crime also reduced in this period. There was budgetary overspending in this period due to a reduced economic income and the need to spend more in other areas.


In response to Councillor Kondakor regarding biodiversity and tree loss, Mark Ryder stated that the ecology team had been reviewing this for years and an update can be provided. Scott Thompkins added that the only trees that were removed were deemed unsafe and any trees that are removed for highway schemes are replaced; all this work is carried out by the forestry team with the help of tree warden volunteers to plant additional trees. The Chair thanked the forestry team on behalf of residents in her division for dealing with an emergency situation with a tree. 

Councillor Seccombe added that it is essential to maintain green corridors to retain Warwickshire’s biodiversity; work with the NFU continues to be carried out to ensure this. Regarding community woods, Councillor Seccombe clarified that they should be considered with development plans and it is something that would need to be take up with by planning authorities.


Councillor Fradgley informed the committee that Stratford Town Council received a tree mapping update for green corridors in their urban areas as part of their neighbourhood plan. She continued that smaller communities around Stratford asked for trees on common land and praised Scott Thompkins, Councillor Jeff Clarke (Portfolio Holder – Transport & Planning) and David Lowe for their support with this.

Councillor Heather Timms (Portfolio Holder – Environment, Heritage & Culture) added that the consultation for the community scheme around climate change projects included tree planting. To ensure the consultation is well known she suggested that members raise it with their town and parish councils so they could contribute to the consultation and more climate change schemes cross-county.

Following a query from Councillor Kondakor, Councillor Timms stated that they had publicised the free packs from the Woodland Trust to schools regarding tree planting. With the tree map, they are aware which areas need more trees planting as well as information on trees for green corridors.