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Administration Activity and Performance update

Meeting: 14/12/2020 - Staff and Pensions Committee (Item 10)

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Vicky Jenks stated that the pension administration team had made good progress on the Governance Action Plan and the I-Connect project’s first phase went live to the correct employee numbers and timescales. Warwickshire County Council’s payroll was moved from phase four to phase two because of the good progress it was making.  All payrolls will be live on the system in January 2021. Phase three employers have been contacted to ensure their extracts are ready to go live in February-March 2021. The GMP (good manufacturing practice) reconciliation work will be complete by 31st January 2021 however KPIs (key performance indictors) had been affected by staff absence. The team completed 32,000 tasks since the 1st March 2020, averaging 2774 task per month but they were still working through backlogs; however, training provided in March 2020 has helped with this. The breaches process was updated on the website, so a RAG was available for employers. The team started a tracing service with a tracing company to find members of the fund who cannot be contacted. The internal dispute resolution procedures were being updated by legal and a new Chair of the Fire Pension Board would be appointed by full Council in December 2020.  



That the Staff and Pensions Committee notes this report