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Covid-19 Residents Survey Findings

Meeting: 06/01/2021 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 4)

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– update on progress – Duncan Vernon

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A Covid-19 recovery survey was undertaken between August and September 2020, to explore the impacts of the pandemic on people living and working in Warwickshire and their thoughts about recovery. The survey received 2,510 responses. The report was supplemented by a presentation from Emily van de Venter, to draw out the key findings. The presentation slides covered the following areas:


  • Summary findings and key messages
  • Information about Coronavirus
  • Test and trace
  • Employment.
  • Out and about
  • Transport
  • Methods of accessing health appointments
  • Volunteering and community action
  • Positive and negative health behaviours
  • Stressors related to the pandemic
  • Loneliness and mental wellbeing
  • Interaction between health behaviours and wellbeing
  • Future priorities


Questions and comments were submitted, with responses provided as indicated:


  • There was praise for the work undertaken in conjunction with Coventry University.
  • Reference to the longer-term impacts of Covid both for the elderly and younger people, the likely outcomes and changed behaviours. A suggestion to reflect on what this would mean for the future Health and Wellbeing Strategy (HWS) and its priorities. This point was reiterated later in the discussion, with a suggestion to revisit the priorities in three to six months.
  • Links should be made to the Coventry and Warwickshire work on mental health strategies.  Additionally, a statistical analysis had been undertaken across the West Midlands to look at mental health needs and pressures, which would fit well with the survey data. It was confirmed that the survey findings would feed into a mental health needs assessment and that data from CWPT had been requested too.
  • An observation on the value of parish councils in connecting with communities and the additional arrangements needed for areas such as Nuneaton and Bedworth, which did not have parish councils.
  • A suggestion to compare feedback to the survey undertaken by Healthwatch Warwickshire in May and June 2020, to see if there had been any significant shifts in sentiment in the areas included within that survey.
  • Addressing behavioural changes on alcohol consumption, smoking and eating foods that were unhealthy. 
  • There would be value in revisiting this survey to provide a comparison after the current lockdown. This view was supported and would give the opportunity to publicise the survey to those who hadn’t responded previously.




That the Board notes the initial findings from the Covid-19 residents survey and utilises the findings within recovery planning and service restoration.