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Children 0-14 unintentional injuries

Meeting: 06/01/2021 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 3)

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 – Report for approval – Shade Agboola

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An update was provided on child accident prevention by Liann Brookes-Smith, public health consultant. The rate of hospital admissions for unintentional and deliberate injuries in children was higher than national and regional averages and the majority of Warwickshire’s statistical neighbours. This data had been interrogated and a link was provided to the latest data analysis.


An update was provided on accident prevention activity during Covid-19, with a focus on messaging and signposting support services and the plans for a full review post pandemic.  It also outlined the workstreams of the Child Accident Prevention (CAP) steering group suspended due to the pandemic around data insight work. In summary, once the pandemic work reduced, the focus would be on reviewing child accident prevention, to seek an understanding of causes for the county’s high numbers of accidents.


Discussion took place on the following areas:

  • Unintentional accidents during Covid and links to more people being in the home.
  • Discussion about the different data in terms of hospital admission of children, it being noted that GEH did not have a children’s ward and patients were redirected to UHCW for scans which may require sedation and admission. Messaging to direct young patients straight to UHCW may help. Post Covid a detailed audit should assist understanding of this area. 
  • The concerns around ‘button’ batteries which could be swallowed by young children causing significant issues. Related points on the increase in internet shopping during lockdown, the quality of some products and potential for trading standards support.
  • Makeshift arrangements for childcare during periods of lockdown and issues associated with alcohol and substance misuse were referenced. There was ongoing messaging to warn about risks.
  • A suggestion for feedback from the CAP steering group, with an analysis of the final data.
  • Publicity of the findings via ask Warwickshire would be helpful. Also, ensuring that residents were made aware of this information source, to encourage survey responses. The points would be taken on board.
  • Further contributions were made via the meeting chat dialogue regarding batteries for smoke detectors, falls prevention work and healthy ageing, with reference to the following web page: 



That the Health and Wellbeing Board notes the progression of work since the last update and future planned work.