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JSNA Update

Meeting: 06/01/2021 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 9)

9 Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Update pdf icon PDF 209 KB

– Progress report – Duncan Vernon

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Duncan Vernon, public health consultant provided an update on the delivery of the JSNA programme since September 2020. The report included updates on:

  • Place-based needs assessments, detailing how the reports had been utilised.
  • Action plans developed using the recommendations from the place-based JSNA reports. These would drive the work of each health and wellbeing partnership. The next phase of the JSNA programme would be thematic, with a pilot needs assessment focused on mental health. A prioritised work programme of needs assessments would be established for the next two to three years.
  • Details of the ‘long list’ of topics for needs assessments.
  • Updates on the mental health needs assessment pilot, grapevine project and the covid-19 health impact assessment.


The move to a thematic approach was supported but it should also reference each of the places to provide granular data. This was the intention, whilst noting the differences between the physical geographies and boundaries of health services. Whilst moving to a thematic approach, the intention was still to identify at both the place and neighbourhood levels.



That the Health and Wellbeing Board:


  1. Notes the progress of the JSNA programme to date;


  1. Uses the JSNA evidence base to ensure partners are working to a consistent understanding of local need, enabling joined up service provision targeted to the right areas and driving commissioning intentions;


Supports the development of the mental health needs assessment through promoting the survey and supporting requests for resource to support the analysis and development of the needs’ assessment.