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Planning Application SDC/21CM004 Ufton Landfill, Ufton Extension of maturation composting pad and associated works

Meeting: 03/08/2021 - Regulatory Committee (Item 4)

4 Amendment to site layout to increase size of the compost maturation pad – Ufton Hill Landfill Site, Southam Road, Ufton, CV33 9PP pdf icon PDF 708 KB

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Matthew Williams (Senior Planner) presented the report on the IVC (in-vessel compost) facility and provided an overview of the application including its location and nearest residents.  


·        The pad was part of the second stage of IVC 

·        The site had been operating for 10 years and had an additional pad implemented in 2013 

·        The application proposed that the layout of the composting pad be amended to increase the area to 4275 square metres, and include the addition of concrete retaining walls on the site 3.5 metres high 

·        Some weldmesh fencing boundaries of the pad and the relocated welfare facilities, would need some lights to be replaced to cover the 10 eight-metre-high lighting columns  

·        The site size would increase but the waste, commuting vehicles and operating levels will not 

·        Their soil was initially used as soil conditioner to help with site restoration but as the site had been fully restored, they wanted to be able to sell compost offsite 

·        Objections to this application had been received from Ufton Parish Council due to the existing smell and odour. The EA recently visited the site and did not substantiate the complaints. Operational measures on site to try to resolve odour and flies included a bio filter (a big expanse of chipped wood to reduce emissions) and a system of nozzles neutralising the site 

·        The changes would make the facility Pas100 (publicly available specification) industry standard 


In response to Councillor Kettle, Matthew Williams stated that the site was sprayed regularly to reduce the fly issue. The lights needed to be expanded to follow the site expansion.  


In response to Councillor Matecki, Matthew Williams stated that the application was to improve efficiency and the quality of the compost.  


Public Speaking 

Jackie Chapman (Clerk for Ufton Parish Council) spoke against the application and stated that ‘there had been a long history of smells from the site, in 2015 there were 41 complaints against it. The EA were meant to visit the site in 2020, but this was delayed because of Covid-19. Smell complaints had risen over the years and the smell came in wafts and in one evening she swatted 132 flies.’ She continued that they did not have a regular spray and there should be more. Jackie Chapman asked for the committee to support regulation for smell and fly issues.  


Mike Harty (BIFFA Development & Planning Manager) noted that ‘there were no objections from officers from the relevant fields and the only objection received was from Ufton Parish Council. When the EA visited in July 2021, they said that the fly increase was not because of their work, and they found no breaches. Increasing the site would make composting piles smaller which should reduce the smell and make pest control management easier.’   


In response to Councillor Chris Mills, Mike Harty stated that they sprayed the site twice a week. Jackie Chapman added that the smell had existed since the site was set up; she reported the smell to Stratford District Council (SDC) who  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4