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Warwickshire Police and Crime Panel - Thursday 18 March 2021 2.00 pm

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Contact: Deborah Moseley  Senior Democratic Services Officer


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The Chair noted that the Panel’s Legal Advisor, Jane Pollard, would be retiring in the near future and this would be her last meeting.  He extended the Panel’s thanks for her valued contribution and wished her a happy retirement.  Ms Pollard noted she had enjoyed her time working with the Panel.


The Chair also noted that there were County Council elections taking place in May and he extended best wishes to the County’s nominated representatives.



To receive any apologies from Members of the Panel

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Apologies were received from Councillor Nicola Davies and Mr Andy Davis.



Disclosures of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests

Members are required to register their disclosable pecuniary interests within 28 days of their election or appointment to the Council.

A member attending a meeting where a matter arises in which they has a disclosable pecuniary interest must (unless they has a dispensation):


• Declare the interest if they has not already registered it

• Not participate in any discussion or vote

• Must leave the meeting room until the matter has been dealt with (Standing Order 39).

• Give written notice of any unregistered interest to the Monitoring Officer within 28 days of the meeting Non-pecuniary interests must still be declared in accordance with the Code of Conduct.


These should be declared at the commencement of the meeting.

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Councillors David Reilly, Derek Poole and Christopher Kettle declared a non-pecuniary interest in minute number 2 “Report of the Police and Crime Commissioner” as Chairs and Vice Chair respectively on the local district Community Safety Partnerships (CSP).


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 378 KB

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Resolved: That the minutes of the meeting held on 1 February 2021 be confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Public Speaking

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Report of the Police and Crime Commissioner pdf icon PDF 531 KB

The report is attached, together with the following appendices:-


A.    Financial Update to PCP 18 March 2021

B.    Joint Protocol – Election of the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner 2021

C.    OPCC Performance Scrutiny (published at item 9 of the agenda)

D.    Public Perceptions – Policing Covid-19

E.    Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable Joint Audit & Standards Committee Annual Report 2019/20

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The Police and Crime Commissioner presented his report to the Panel which provided an update on his activities since the last report on 19 November 2020.  The report focussed on protocols around the upcoming PCC election, Chief Constable recruitment, increase to force establishment, crime rates, holding to account activity including performance scrutiny of deep dive topics, delivery of forensic services in collaboration with West Midlands Police, personnel at the OPCC, commissioner’s grant scheme, National Probation Service dynamic framework, recommencement of drug testing on arrest, and engagement activity including arrangements to manage the impact of Covid-19, the Joint Audit and Standards Committee, Blue Light Commercial Ltd, and the Nuneaton and Bedworth External Oversight and Scrutiny Panel.  A short financial summary was appended to the report, ahead of the Budget Working Group meeting scheduled for 25 March. 


Since publication of the report, the Home Office had published the consultation results and recommendations following part 1 of its review into the role of the PCC. The second part of the consultation would be launched post-election and it was understood that this would include a consultation on the mandatory take-over of fire and rescue services. 


Following a question from Councillor Ian Davison on the PCC’s response to actions around the introduction of 20mph zones around schools as raised at the November meeting, the PCC noted that decisions of this type were made by the County Council.  However, he considered that there was some demand for the introduction of speed limits and if a consultation arose, he would lend his support for implementation at locations where speeding traffic was a problem outside schools.


Members expressed some concern at the timing of the Chief Constable’s retirement, particularly in light of the forthcoming PCC elections, and expressed a desire for smooth transition.  In response, the PCC advised that Chief Constable Jelley had now served 33 years in policing, with six of those years in the Chief Constable role, which was longer than average.  The PCC had had some previous informal discussions about the retirement but it had not been appropriate to take any action or discuss the possibility more widely until notice had been received in writing on 10 February.  It was also relevant to say that it had not been expected that the elections would go ahead this year in light of the pandemic. The PCC agreed that the transition and handover needed to be smooth, and his Chief Executive, Polly Reed, advised that the recruitment process had been designed around the election period to limit delays to appointing a new Chief Constable.  The Panel would also be required to hold a Confirmation Hearing.  Although there was no certainty it was hoped the preferred candidate would be in post by 1 July, the PCC had been reassured that there were  given of succession plans that incorporated a stable and experienced chief officer team. The Panel noted the key leadership role the PCC and Chief Constable held in driving forward a number of projects, not least the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Re-Appointment of Independent Member to the Police and Crime Panel pdf icon PDF 113 KB

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This report was presented to the Panel by Deborah Moseley, Senior Democratic Services Officer.  Legislation required the Panel to appoint two independent members with a term of office of four years.  One of the Panel’s current members, Mr Andy Davis, was approaching the end of his four year term and had expressed a wish to be reappointed. The Panel had the choice of either reappointing Mr Davis for a further four year term or entering into a recruitment process to appoint a new independent member.  For clarity, it was confirmed that the tenure of the Panel’s second independent member, Mr Andrew Davies, was not due for review until 2024.


The Chair proposed that Mr Andy Davis be reappointed to the Panel and this was seconded by Councillor Derek Poole who noted his wholehearted support for an attentive member who had made a valuable contribution to the work of the Panel.  Upon being put to the vote, the proposal to reappoint Mr Davis was unanimously supported.  



That Mr Andy Davis be reappointed to the Panel for a further term of four years.


Refresh of the Membership of the Working Groups

To consider appointments to the Working Groups.  The current Membership of the Working Groups is as follows:-


Budget Working Group

Planning & Performance Working Group

Councillor Peter Gilbert

Councillor Nicola Davies

Councillor Maggie O’Rourke

Mr Andy Davis

Councillor Derek Poole

Councillor David Reilly

Councillor David Reilly


Following recent discussions, it is proposed that Councillor Christopher Kettle join the Budget Working Group and Mr Andrew Davies join the Planning & Performance Working Group.

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The Panel were asked to consider the appointments to the Panel’s two working groups, in particular the appointment of Councillor Christopher Kettle to the Budget Working Group and Mr Andrew Davies to the Planning and Performance Working Group.



That the appointments to the Working Groups be as follows:-


Budget Working Group   Planning & Performance Working Group

Councillor Peter Gilbert          Mr Andrew Davies

Councillor Christopher Kettle Councillor Nicola Davies

Councillor Maggie O’Rourke Mr Andy Davis

Councillor Derek Poole           Councillor David Reilly

Councillor David Reilly


Work Programme pdf icon PDF 226 KB

To consider and review the Panel’s work programme.

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The work programme was noted. Members considered that the programme would need to be refreshed for the new municipal year and a number of items had been put forward for consideration for the full Panel and for delegation to the Planning and Performance Working Group:-


  • 20mph speed limits around schools
  • Rape and serious sexual offences (in terms of conviction rates)
  • Delays in the Court Service
  • Female representation within, and experience of, the force
  • Diversity and Equalities 
  • Domestic Violence – including the impact and outcomes of the service changes in Warwickshire


Dates of Meetings

To note the arrangements for future meetings. All Police and Crime Panel meetings start at 10.30 am, unless specified otherwise. The following meetings are scheduled at Shire Hall, Warwick:


24 June 2021

23 September 2021

18 November 2021

31 January 2022

7 April 2022

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Future meeting dates were noted.  Some Members keenly expressed a desire to return to face-to-face meetings and other Members asserted the benefits of virtual meetings.  The importance of engaging with the communities in the districts of the County was highlighted.  Members sought further information to be provided regarding the potential to hold hybrid meetings and requested that the opportunity to hold meetings outside Warwick be explored. 


Any Urgent Items

At the discretion of the Chair, items may be raised which are considered urgent (please notify Democratic Services in advance of the meeting).

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Reports Containing Confidential or Exempt Information

To consider passing the following resolution: ‘That members of the public be excluded from the meeting for the items mentioned below on the grounds that their presence would involve the disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraph 7 of Schedule 12A of Part 1 of the Local Government Act 1972’.

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That members of the public be excluded from the meeting for the items mentioned below on the grounds that their presence would involve the disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraph 7 of Schedule 12A of Part 1 of the Local Government Act 1972’.


OPCC Performance Scrutiny

Appendix C of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Report (item 2 of the agenda).


This report formed part of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s report at minute number 2.



To consider any complaints received and considered regarding the conduct of the Police and Crime Commissioner.