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Warwickshire Waste Partnership

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Information about Warwickshire Waste Partnership

The Warwickshire Waste Partnership has been responsible for the development of Warwickshire’s Municipal Waste Management Strategy. The Partnership is made up of elected Members and Officers from all of the Warwickshire Authorities.


The group was established in 1998, when it was known as the Warwickshire Waste Forum. It was set-up to forge closer working relationships between the County and District/Borough Councils, particularly with respect to developing a joint Waste Management Strategy.


In 2005, the Warwickshire Waste Forum became the Warwickshire Waste Partnership, with a formal Memorandum of understanding (pdf, 132kb) being adopted to promote closer Partnership Working between the Warwickshire Authorities.


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Agendas, reports and minutes are provided for information.  Meetings are not webcast and are not open to the public.