Agenda item

Commissioning Intentions

Reports from the CCG’s and WCC for approval – CCG and WCC Officers



Helen King, WCC Interim Director of Public Health introduced this item, with a presentation provided by Anna Hargrave of South Warwickshire CCG. Reports had been circulated ahead of the meeting from a clinical commissioning group and WCC. Commissioning intentions (CI) identified how these organisations intended to translate their strategic aims into the commissioning of services. Progress was being made towards a different approach from 2020-21 within the context of significant change in the health and care system. There was commitment to a more integrated approach and collaborative commissioning between partners to improve health outcomes and be more efficient in the use of resources.


Key factors included the following:

• The move to an Integrated Care System (ICS) with formation of the Coventry and Warwickshire Health and Care Partnership and four ‘Places’;

• The development of an Outcome Framework, a five-year System Plan and Place Delivery Plans;

• The principles outlined in the Health and Wellbeing Concordat and focus on prevention and wellbeing;

• The refresh of Health and Wellbeing Strategies (HWBS) for both Coventry and Warwickshire; and

• Local population health needs as identified in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) which would play a key role in shaping priorities and plans at both a system and place level. The development of the strategic documents would extend beyond September when the CI were normally published. The CI narrative would outline the direction of travel and emerging priorities at both system and place levels.


The development of more detailed plans would follow as governance around the ICS emerged, and the new HWBS was developed. The PowerPoint presentation from Anna Hargrave gave the overarching position and this would be supplemented by more detailed presentation slides being circulated to the Board after the meeting. Whilst progress had been made towards the new arrangements for commissioning in a more collaborative way, the ambitions hadn’t been achieved in reality, although the key documents were in production. She confirmed that some aspects of the CIs would be the same for all three areas, relating to the narrative and high-level intentions, whilst others focussed on the CI for each place.

Helen King confirmed that a complimentary set of slides would be provided for the WCC CI. Matt Gilks advised that Warwickshire North and Coventry & Rugby CCGs CI documents were not yet available, due to internal governance timescales. However, several of the sections from the South Warwickshire CCG document would be replicated, with similar high level intentions and with the place aspects focussed on the intentions for the north and Rugby CCG areas. The documents would be circulated within the next few weeks. Anna Hargrave added that the draft CIs would be presented at a number of forums over the coming weeks and feedback was welcomed.

Chris Bain of Healthwatch Warwickshire (HWW) spoke about the arrangements for the patient and public voice to be heard at all levels of the system. The arrangements were better developed in some areas of the county than others and he would expand on this in the HWW presentation later in the meeting. Resolved That the Health and Wellbeing Board endorses the direction of travel around developing Commissioning Intentions for 2020-21 of the Clinical Commissioning Groups and Warwickshire County Council.

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