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RBC/20CM010 - Wolston Field Farm Quarry

The plans for Planning Application RBC/20CM010 can be viewed online here.


Paul Wilcox, Senior Planner (Contractor), presented the report to the Committee in relation to the proposed erection and operation of a sand and gravel processing plant and weighbridge at Wolston Fields Quarry.


The following points were highlighted to the Committee –


           The nearest property is 400 meters from the proposed site.


           The Committee was shown a plan with the existing site with the proposed area for the processing plant also highlighted.  The proposed site is within the current site.


           The routing plans between Bubbenhall Quarry and Wolston field were shown to the Committee with confirmation that the routing arrangement (avoiding Wolston and Ryton on Dunsmore) is part of the permission requested today.


           The detailed plan for the proposal includes a screening bund and a surface area lorry turning point.  The surrounding hedge is approximately 8m-10m high which will offer some protection to the view.


           New regulations mean that the council must now consider the impact of proposals on nearby habitat and rivers; in this case, the impact on the river Avon as the site will be hydraulically connected to the seven estuary.


           There is a potential for silt to travel into the river Avon and reduce water quality which will then have a detrimental effect on the wildlife in the river.  The Council has taken a precautionary approach and carried out an assessment.  The conclusion is that the silting arrangement in place is well controlled and designed and there is minimal likelihood of having an impact on the river.


           In addition, an additional void has been made available on site to accommodate emergency water capacity if needed, although very unlikely.


           The Committee noted the restoration plan which includes a water area, and an area which will be returned to an agricultural site for a horse paddock.


           The area for the proposed processing plant is in a green belt area but there are very special circumstances which would permit the application to go ahead.


Councillor Kate Rolfe requested clarification on the potential for reduction of oxygen to the fish in the river Avon.  Paul Wilcox confirmed that an assessment was carried out on the worst-case scenario.  The result was that contamination is unlikely. 


Councillor Dave Reilly asked for information in relation to restoration and it was confirmed that none of the proposals are subject to infilling.  No materials will be bought in to change any of the levels on site.  Soils from the bund would be used to restore the site.  It was confirmed that the restoration period is due to start in summer 2024.


Following a question from Councillor Chris Williams, it was confirmed that there was a wheel washers on site in addition to a road sweeper to keep the site clear.




The Chair noted that the Committee had received a very thorough report from Paul Wilcox.  It is a green belt site and members must assess the impact on the greenbelt.  Harm will happen but given all the circumstances and the conditions, this is a reasonable application.  There have been no complaints about the operator. 


Councillor Jill Simpson-Vince added that Smiths are known to be a good company; they respond quickly to any issues.  It is an excellent report full of detail and this has been reflected in the relatively low number of objections.  All issues raised in the report have been addressed.


The recommendation was proposed by Councillor Jill Simpson-Vince and was seconded by Councillor Mark Cargill.


A vote was held, and the Committee voted unanimously in favour of the recommendation.




That the Regulatory Committee authorises the grant of planning permission

for the proposed erection and operation of a sand and gravel processing plant

and weighbridge with associated silting facilities subject to the signing of a

Deed of Variation to the existing S106 and to the conditions and for the

reasons contained within Appendix B of the report of the Strategic Director for


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