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Chair's announcements


Celebration of 30 Years’ Service – Councillor Jerry Roodhouse


The Chair drew attention to Councillor Jerry Roodhouse who was celebrating 30 years’ since he was first elected to serve on the County Council.   Councillor Roodhouse had been elected to represent Rugby Eastlands in May 1993 and had had a distinguished career in public service ever since.   Councillor Kettle led the applause for Councillor Roodhouse’s dedicated service to the county and extended thanks for his valuable contributions over the years.  The Chair then invited members to extend their own congratulations:


Councillor Isobel Seccombe summed up Councillor Roodhouse with three words: fairness, knowledge and friendship.  She shared how she had valued conversations with Councillor Roodhouse over the years and considered that the values shared by councillors were what made Warwickshire County Council strong. 


Councillor Sarah Boad also reflected on Councillor Roodhouse’s dedication and approach to his role and the contributions he had made, particularly in the field of health scrutiny.


Councillor John Holland shared congratulations for Councillor Roodhouse, especially noting his dedication to providing solutions for Warwickshire residents.


Councillor Sarah Feeney extended her gratitude to Councillor Roodhouse for his generosity of spirit and support to newly elected councillors in order to work together and achieve strong outcomes.


The Chair presented a Certificate of Long Service to Councillor Roodhouse.


Councillor Roodhouse thanked the Chamber and officers for their support and noted the wonderful spirit that existed in Warwickshire. 


Death of former County Councillor Mick Jones


The Chairman informed Council of the recent passing of former County Councillor Mick Jones, from the Labour group, who had served as a Warwickshire County Councillor representing Nuneaton Galley Common between 2001 and 2008.  Mick was also a former Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Councillor and Mayor of the Borough.  The Chairman extended condolences to his family and friends and invited Councillors to pay tribute.


Councillor John Holland noted that Mick Jones had died unexpectedly.  He reflected on his long service at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, the fundraising he had undertaken, and his cheerful, friendly approach.  Councillor Holland also shared details of the memorial service due to take place on 2 June.


Councillor Isobel Seccombe noted the sadness she felt that very few of her group had known Mick Jones.  She stated that it was what each of us did in our time on earth that mattered, and that Mick Jones had lived his life to the full, with a great sense of humour and passion.  Councillor Seccombe expressed condolences to his family and friends.


Councillor Caroline Phillips shared her personal memories of her friendship with Mick Jones and expressed her condolences to his family. 


Councillor Sarah Boad considered that Mick Jones had a larger than life character and she had been saddened at the news of his passing.  She shared commiserations with his family and friends.


Councillor Jeff Clarke note that Mick Jones had been a strong advocate for local residents and a stalwart political opponent.  He had been a real gentleman and Councillor Clarke extended condolences to his wife and family.


Council stood for a minute’s silence in memory of former Councillor Mick Jones.