Issue - decisions

Covid19 Recovery Plan

08/12/2021 - Covid-19 Recovery Plan



That Cabinet:


1. Notes the progress made on the implementation of the Council's COVID-19 Recovery Plan;


2. Supports the inclusion of the ongoing themes identified in section 2 of the report below in the development of the refreshed Council Plan 2022-2027;


3. Notes that actions that require a continued focus at Council level will be included in the Integrated Delivery Plan which will accompany the Council Plan (paragraphs 3.4 and 3.5); and


4. Gives approval to the publication of a document that summarises the impact of COVID-19 on Warwickshire and the progress contained in the

report as part of the public communications for the new Council Plan.


5. Recognises and thanks all staff for their tremendous hard work and commitment to the people of Warwickshire during the Covid-19 Pandemic.