Issue - decisions

Financial Monitoring - Forecast position as at Q2

11/11/2022 - 2022-23 Financial Monitoring - Forecast Position as at Quarter 2

That Cabinet:


1.     Notes the adjusted forecast overspend of £4.439m (1.2%) that would need to be funded from the Directorate and General Risk Reserves at the end of 2022/23.


2.     Notes the forecast delivery of savings for 2022/23 of £9.406m, a shortfall of £0.838m (8.2%) against the target.


3.     Notes the forecast capital spend for 2022/23 of £114.048m.


4.     Approves the reprofiling of spend on the capital programme of £19.729m in 2022/23 into future years and note the carry forward of s278 contributions of £0.100m that is not directly controllable by the Council.