Issue - decisions

A426/A4071 Avon Mill/Hunters Lane Improvements

27/01/2023 - A426/A4071 Avon Mill/Hunters Lane Improvements, Rugby

That Cabinet:


Approves the further development of the A426/A4071 Avon Mill/Hunters Lane Improvement scheme in Rugby and authorises the Strategic Director for Communities, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Transport and Planning, to take all necessary steps required to progress the scheme to Outline Business Case (OBC) submission stage including:


(i)              Finalising designs and determining land requirements;

(ii)             Commencing negotiations with third-party landowners;

(iii)           Negotiating terms and entering agreements for alterations to private accesses;

(iv)           Securing all necessary statutory consents (including licences and planning permissions) and entering any necessary agreements with other regulatory bodies;

(v)            Exercising any statutory rights of entry for the purposes of carrying out surveys, examinations or other investigations or executing works;

(vi)           Undertaking public and wider stakeholder consultation;

(vii)         Submission of an Outline Business Case (OBC) to the Department for Transport (DfT) in accordance with the programme outlined in Section 7 of the report.