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End User Device Replacement

17/03/2023 - Surface Pro Device Replacement

Councillor Andy Jenns (Portfolio Holder for Customer and Transformation) explained that the Council’s existing devices had been deployed in 2019 and had proved reliable and simplified ICT support arrangements.  He noted that the current need for devices had increased by 617 units since 2019 but the cost of replacement had been reduced by 24% per device.   He stressed that existing devices would be returned to the leasing company, refurbished and resold.


Councillor Tim Sinclair questioned the additional 617 incremental head count and asked why there was a need to replace devices at this stage.


Councillor Andy Jenns advised that devices were four years old and this meant it was likely problems would begin to arise.  It was essential that devices were reliable and that repair costs were limited.  He indicated that paragraph 4.4 of the report explained that the increase in need had resulted from service response to the Council’s priorities such as Children and Families, Adult Social Care, and Environment Services. Councillor Peter Butlin further explained that these were not additional employees, but rather that the Council’s transformation process to become a modern digital authority had meant that existing employees had taken on digital roles and were working more efficiently using Surface Pros.




That Cabinet authorises the Strategic Director for Resources to undertake an appropriate procurement process, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Customer and Transformation, and to enter into all agreements that he considers necessary for the replacement of the Council’s current end user devices as set out in paragraph 1.3 of the report.