Issue - decisions

(Exempt) Warwickshire Recovery and Investment Fund (2nd stage)

12/02/2021 - Warwickshire Recovery and Investment Fund

That Cabinet:


1.       Supports the Business Case at Appendix A to establish the Warwickshire Recovery and Investment Fund.


2.       Approves in principle the establishment of a Warwickshire Recovery and Investment Fund (WRIF) and authorises the Strategic Director for Resources to finalise the proposals and the fund allocations and to develop the Year 1 Business Plan based on the principles set out in Section 1.11 of this report for further consideration by Cabinet.


3.       Supports the proposed WRIF governance arrangements and approves the establishment of a Member Oversight Group and an Officer Investment Panel as more fully described in Section 7 of this report.


4.       Notes that a further report will be brought back to Cabinet to approve the final arrangements, including the 2021-22 Business Plan and to ask Cabinet to consider making the recommendations to Council in respect of the changes considered necessary to the Treasury Management Strategy and the Investment Strategy and to add the WRIF loan facility to the capital programme