Issue - decisions

Review of WCC's Environmental Management System

11/12/2020 - Review of Warwickshire County Council's Environmental Management System

That Cabinet:


1)       Supports the progress made on the Climate Change strategy with a new Solar Panel project approved by Corporate Board under the under the authorisation delegated to Chief Executive at a cost of £0.094m.


2)       Approves the bids as detailed in section 2, amounting to £1.413m from the Sustaining Prevention Fund and £0.385m from the Commercial Fund.


3)       Approves the bid as detailed in section 3.1 amounting to £0.250m from the Capital Investment Fund and agree to add this to the capital programme.


4)       Notes the approval of Corporate Board for the remainder of the funding requested in bids detailed in Section 3 from the Covid-19 government grant funding.


5)       Authorises the Strategic Directors to procure and enter any agreements to give effect to the above proposals on terms and conditions acceptable to the Strategic Director for Resources.