Register of interests

Councillor Kam Kaur

I, Councillor Kam Kaur hereby declare the following pecuniary interests

1. Employment, office, trade, profession or Vocation:
Description of your employment activity Name of Employer or Body
Shareowner Brown and Cockerill Estate Agents
Shareowner Poonah Property Limited
Shareowner Royal Imperlial Ltd
Shareowner Luigis Ltd
Shareowner Sweet Lets
Shareowner Draycott Hotel
2. Sponsorship:
Description of Sponsorship
Rugby Conservative Assosciation
3. Contracts:
Name of Company, Firm or Corporation
4. Land:
Address/Description of Land Nature of Interest in Land
Springfield Farm, Fosse Way, Princethorpe, Rugby, CV23 9PG -
5. Licences:
Address/Description of Property Nature of Interest in Property
N/A -
6. Corporate tenancies:
Address/Description of Land


7. Signed and Date
Signature Date signed
Kam Kaur 09/09/2019