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Parking on Tee Tong Estate

We the undersigned petition the council to We would like to ask the council to take a look at the parking situation on the Tee Tong Estate. We ask that yellow lines are put on the most dangerous corners of the estate. Or for the use of the free land on the entrance to Tee Tong estate on both sides to create extra parking.

The parking on the estate has been getting worse every day. Mostly we ask that you take in consideration the entrance to the estate following the tee tong road around the area of Bartley Walk. Parking on this corner causes risk and makes it impossible to see if any vehicle is approaching. Very often the parking is so bad that school busses who come to pick up our village kids struggling with health - can not get through. This also mean that in effect of an emergency it will be very hard for emergency vehicles to get to houses that need help. We are aware that some of our neighbours have more then 2 cars - even if their houses have spaces for only 2. We suggest that every corner of every road opposing risk to drivers has yellow lines and that fines are given to those who ignore them, this will not only make it less busy but also allow to save the beautiful greenery that is being destroyed by ignorant parking. We also suggest that the free area at the top of the estate (as you enter on Tee tong) is used for parking which can then work on a membership or subscription basis. So that any household with more then 2 vehicles will need to park their 'extra' cars there and pay a monthly or yearly charge to do so. This will allow to empty the estate from cars that should not be taking up someone's eles parking. Moreover the paid parking will allow for some money to be made and put towards something that is needed in the state more. The reason we ask for this to be treated as an emergency is as follows:
Many of our neighbours have kids as well as those who use wheelchairs and have some kind of health problems.
Parking at the moment creates great risk to those that need to use the pavement and can not do so. It means that those vulnerable people need to enter the street to pass - when that causes a great risk as the cars obstruct any view - so they can not be sure if it's safe to pass.
It also does not allow for delivery trucks or emergency vehicles to freely drive to their destinations.
And lastly it is an accident waiting to happen.

We really hope to hear from you soon on the following matter.

All those who signed the petition live or work in the Tee Tong Estate just like required.

Started by: Noemi Krzykawiak

This petition ran from 15/07/2020 to 01/09/2020 and has now finished.

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