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Traffic Calming at Wheelwright Lane, Ash Green

We the undersigned petition the council to draw up a scheme of traffic calming works, and formally consult with residents on the same, to reduce the speed of traffic along Wheelwright Lane, Ash Green. Residents are concerned at the number of cars, motorcycles and other motorised vehicles that exceed the posted speed limit along Wheelwright Lane. The road is a residential road first and foremost and the speed of traffic along it is currently inappropriate. Residents have frequently raised the matter with local Councillors and request that a scheme of traffic calming measure is drawn up and offered for consultations with residents prior to being installed with a view to improving safety and the quality of life for local residents in Ash Green.

Residents have regularly reported the issue of speeding traffic to Borough and County Councillors for the area. There's been a number of speed related accidents. Several new housing developments are planned for the area with no additional infrastructure

Started by: Damon Brown

This petition ran from 06/10/2020 to 06/01/2021 and has now finished.

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