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Reinstate the 529 School Bus Service

We the undersigned petition the council to Reinstate the 529 school bus service

The 529 bus service serves all the way from the Percy Estate, through the Woodloes, Cape Road, and the Wedgnock estate carrying pupils safely to Aylesford School.
These pupils have had enough disruption to their educational and social lives over the last 12 months. The transition to secondary school is an enormous leap from primary but also that first step into gaining some independence. Even more so this year.
So to hear that the bus service that will carry a group of 11 year olds across town is going to be cancelled is horrifying.
The suggested alternative will see these youngsters catching the bus at 7.30 am and not returning home until 4.30pm. That’s with changing buses in the town centre too. Plenty of room for error there.
Also we can envisage a lot of parents using their cars to take their children safely to school, adding to the already chaotic morning Warwick traffic.
As you can imagine, for parents this is an absolute nightmare.
We pay towards this service, we desperately need it.

Started by: Eleanor Griffin

This petition ran from 07/03/2021 to 21/09/2021 and has now finished.

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