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Sand Court

We the undersigned petition the council to We the undersigned petition the council to create sand court in Warwickshire county for enjoyment of general public with main purpose of playing sand sports such as beach volleyball, soccer and handball. Beach volleyball is a well-established Olympic sport, while both beach soccer (also known as beach football) and beach handball featured at the Olympic-affiliated World Beach Games in 2019. In Great Britain there are annual British championships played in Poole and Bournemouth involving volleyball, handball and soccer. Since 2019 British Beach Sport Championships in Poole includes beach netball. The creation of sand court would be multipurpose and promote versatility. It would serve wide range of public - children, young and older adults, both men and women, able-bodied and disabled persons. Furthermore, it would create opportunities for children and adults affiliated with sports which have big following and international presence. Finally, such project would well utilise fraction o

Further to the report of GoSpike entitled “Development of beach volleyball courts” (…) ‘In continental Europe, sand courts are provided in many local inland parks for the casual player and local leagues. The growing interest in the UK has led to a demand for the provision of similar public inland courts (…)’.
There are numerous online guides available in relation to creation of sand courts at a relatively low cost – see for example
If there is a facility which Warwickshire community could benefit from it is the sand court. Warwickshire is a home to some 95 football teams (, 10 volleyball clubs (, 2 handball clubs, and Warwickshire County Netball Association. It is worth noting that the nearest sand court is either at Loughborough University or in London, both of which are much outside of Warwickshire. The Warwickshire based (and not only) clubs and teams could benefit from the sand court in preparation for domestic and international tournaments, as well as for leisure.
By creating sand court Warwickshire would give people in our community the opportunity to engage with sports they love, being incredibly important in a post-COVID day to day life. There is overwhelming evidence of the positive effect that sport activity can have on both physical and mental health. It is council’s responsibility to create services which promote good health. Creating sand court would be an excellent way of showcasing this responsibility.

Started by: Aleksandra Stankiewicz

This petition ran from 22/07/2021 to 04/01/2022 and has now finished.

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