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20mph Zone At Exhall Green, Exhall

We the undersigned petition the council to We, the undersigned, have grave concerns about the speed, volume and unsuitable types of vehicles using Exhall Green, Exhall. We petition Warwickshire County Council to introduce a 20mph zone and also, separately, to introduce a maximum weight limit of 3.5 tons (except for access) at Exhall Green and such other adjacent roads as the County Council deems necessary to make the said zone effective. The reason for requesting the 20mph zone and weight limit:- Exhall Green is a narrow residential road. It has a tight, narrow junction with Windmill Road at its northern end and a busy junction with School Lane at its southern end. The road is a well-known 'rat run' used by motorists to avoid congestion at the School Lane/Coventry Road traffic lights. The use of the road as a rat-run means that there's regular queuing of traffic at the junction with School Lane and there has been a number of shunt accidents at that junction as well as more serious accidents, including one recently w

Excessive volume, frequent speeding and unsuitable heavy vehicles using the road, which is a narrow residential street

Started by: Damon Brown

This petition runs from 01/08/2021 to 31/01/2022.

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