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Keep Roads in Leamington Town Centre open

We the undersigned petition the council to keep all the roads in Leamington Spa town Centre permanently open in order to allow: 1. Easy access for buses to the town centre for elderly & disabled commuters 2. Easy access to central car parks for shoppers 3. Easy access for commercial vehicles to deliver goods to shops 4. Reduce traffic, especially bus traffic and other heavy goods vehicles in Dale street and other streets surrounding Leamington Spa.

We live in an over 55’s block of apartments and have experienced a tremendous increase in traffic noise and air pollution, due to the central town road closure, making it extremely uncomfortable to live with our windows open. As a result, we have the choice between fresh air or polluted air and invasive, stressful noise, particularly from buses, trucks, motorbikes and EMERGENCY VEHICLES that have been diverted to Dale street and other perimeter roads.

In addition to the noise pollution, we have experienced an increase of air pollution, adversely affecting our health.

There are many people living, permanently, along the perimeter roads of Leamington Spa, who’s health and welfare should be seriously considered when determining traffic flow in and around Leamington Spa.

Started by: Melanie Sammons

This petition ran from 22/07/2021 to 01/09/2021 and has now finished.

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