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Dangerous parking outside Water Orton Shops especially the pizza shop and deliver drivers.

We the undersigned petition the council to The residents of Water Orton would like Highways and the council to PREVENT the dangers rather than REACT afterwards with enforcement. The railings need’s extending and the road layout needs revisiting, either narrowing or relocating the crossing and force drivers to use the carpark.

Our children and everyone else are not safe around this area !

Hardly any room to pass on foot or by car, causing dangerous road conditions. Even on Bank holiday and a few spaces on opposite side of the road for the driver to park are not being used. Drivers have no consideration and totally oblivious.

No one can pass on foot without walking on the road, can’t use the crossing on foot because can’t see oncoming traffic. Oncoming drivers can’t see pedestrians. Oncoming drivers can’t pass easily as it’s too narrow to pass.

This a daily occurrence throughout the day, especially during rush hour.(17:00 to 18:00)

Recently there was new fitted railings to protect the pedestrians in this area but the railings do not cover all of the areas of concern and need extending or bollards fitted. However the drivers are parking on the white Zig Zags or fully on the road in a more dangerous situation than ever before.

Started by: Beverley McAlister

This petition runs from 13/05/2023 to 14/05/2024.

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