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Improve the safety of the Mallory Road/Banbury Road junction in Bishop's Tachbrook

We the undersigned petition the council to improve the safety of this junction by redesigning it, for example by introducing a mini roundabout or traffic lights, so that right turning traffic from Mallory Road onto Banbury Road is able to do so safely, particularly at peak times.

Users of this junction face daily dangers exiting the village safely when turning right onto Banbury Road from Mallory Road. With unprecedented levels of housing building in the area there has been a corresponding rise in traffic which has reached dangerous levels at peak times at the junction.

Given the size of Bishop's Tachbrook village, were it to be planned along planning guidelines in 2023, the current junction would be deemed insufficient and require redesigning.

Since 2002, data shows there have been 18 accidents at this junction, including one fatal. This data doesn't show the daily near misses residents face. They are forced to take ever increasingly bigger risks and go for ever increasingly smaller gaps in the traffic to exit the village, due to the sheer volume of traffic travelling in both directions along the Banbury Road.

A solution needs to be found for this dangerous junction before someone becomes the latest accident victim.

Started by: Jenny Bevan

This petition ran from 15/06/2023 to 09/05/2024 and has now finished.

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