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Barn End Road Crossroads, Warton

We the undersigned petition the council to Review the roads that come to meet at Barn End Road crossroads. Review road signage/furniture and come up with traffic calming solutions that actually work. Slow traffic or roads down.

There have been numerous accidents at these crossroads over the 50+ years my family have lived in the village.
There has been an increase in the amount of accidents in the past few years, which isn’t helped by the added traffic due to new builds in the village and surrounding areas.
There needs to be something done now before there is a fatal accident! Not once there has been one.

Started by: Hannah Williams

On reaching 50 signatures For other petitions with 50 or more but less than 1000 signatories in support the Monitoring Officer will determine whether the petition should be referred to a Cabinet member, Officer, or other member body.

This petition ran from 02/02/2020 to 04/05/2020 and has now finished.

511 people signed this petition.