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Paperless Parking Permits

We the undersigned petition the council to Reverse the decisions on visitor permits to become paperless.

As you may have noticed, parking permits are transitioning to a paperless system without prior consultation with the residents of Warwickshire. While I understand that named car permits could be acceptable, considering their similarity to car tax, the proposed changes for visitor permits seem to be too rapid and substantial. This is especially concerning as a number of areas covered by the parking scheme have notably high rates of digital exclusion, making these changes potentially discriminatory.

The county council has mentioned the availability of a website and phone-based solutions for permit management. However, both of these options have raised concerns among the community. Additionally, there is no dedicated app to facilitate this service, which prompts the question of its absence.

The lack of communication about this change, except for those in the process of renewing their permits, has left residents in the dark. In light of this situation, we, as residents, urge for a halt in the implementation of paperless permits for residents until proper communication has occurred. Moreover, we seek evidence of the systems' readiness to handle these changes. It's vital that we receive reassurances of adequate staffing and fulfilment capabilities.

We kindly request your support in signing this petition, which will be subsequently presented to the Chief Officers of the County Council. Your participation will help us amplify our collective voice and address these concerns effectively.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and thank you for your time.

Started by: Richard Harrington

This petition runs from 23/08/2023 to 04/10/2023.

206 people have signed this petition.