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Safer Roads - Heathcote

We the undersigned petition the council to Improve road safety around Heathcote Primary School. WCC liaising with Barratt Homes West Midlands and David Wilson West Mercia to rectify the insufficient road safety provisions around Heathcote Primary School to ensure children, parents and local residents are protected from harm

Following several ‘near misses’ on the roads around Heathcote School I asked for feedback from local residents and parents.
In 48 hours, I had 89 responses, with 98% of them witnessing ‘near misses’ around Garrett Drive leading from Harbury Lane, and Vickers Way where it meets Garrett Drive. The participants also shared their experiences of these ‘near misses’ and their suggestions for making the roads around the school safer for children, parents, and local residents.
The majority feel that the safety provisions put in place by the developers are insufficient and the area is ‘an accident waiting to happen’. As a local resident and parent, I am not prepared to wait until someone is hurt, especially with the area being used so frequently by children.
The school have tried to liaise with the developers, Highways Agency and Council but have not had a positive response. I have discovered that Vickers Way is owned by David Wilson Homes West Mercia and Garrett Drive is owned by Barratt Homes West Midlands, they are both aware of the feedback and that risks need to be mitigated as a matter of urgency however feedback has been shared with their customer care team on numerous occasions with no resolve.
Safety is paramount, and the basic safety provisions have not been put in place which is wholly irresponsible of the developers, and I am asking that something is done to ensure children, parents and road users are safe.
From my feedback, the solutions would be:
- Reduce Harbury Lane from a 40mph to 30mph
- Paint yellow zig-zags outside the school gate on Garrett Drive (as per Vickers Way)
- Add black railings outside the school gate on Garrett Drive (as per Vickers Way)
- Install several safety school signs (none currently present)
- Add road markings where Garrett Drive meets Vickers Way to ensure clarity on right of way
- Add double yellow lines to all kerb sides of Vickers Way where it meets Garrett Drive
- Install zebra crossings between Garrett Drive and Vickers Way
- Enforce a 20mph speed limit around the school on the estate
- Remove signs at the end of Orton Road that limit visibility

Started by: Josie McCormick

This petition ran from 01/02/2024 to 29/02/2024 and has now finished.

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