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Save Nuneaton Library from from Demolition

We the undersigned petition the council to Save The Gibberd's Library in Nuneaton from Demolition

Nuneaton Library is a marvellous piece of mid-century design created by a pioneer of British modern architecture Sir Frederick Gibberd. It bears significant cultural and historical value not only to Nuneaton residents but to art and architecture appreciators all over Britain.

Replacing this unique character building with some faceless, basic block of bricks and glass that only repeats thousands of other similar projects raised across the country is unacceptable. Especially taking into account that demolition and rebuild costs are higher than the fix and maintenance costs for keeping the heritage building.

Kindly reconsider the demolition of Sir Gibberd's Library and discuss with the contractor other ways to organically fit it into the upcoming project

Started by: Olena Semenova

This petition ran from 26/04/2024 to 26/05/2024 and has now finished.

251 people signed this petition.